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c-duncanGlasweigan composer and multi-instrumentalist C Duncan has followed up the excellent, Mercury Prize nominated Architect with a collection of electronically veiled soundscapes inspired by Rob Serling’s The Twilight Zone. Serling’scritically acclaimed anthology series introduced many Americans to science fiction in the 60s with jerking vigor, but the result of the inspiration in C Duncan’s case is a bold, almost spiritual musical statement draped in purity and a marked innocence. The album rarely breaks a sweat, moving from one spectacularly arranged soundscape to another with consummate ease. The stupor is generally crisp and wintry, but Duncan’s production acts in a way similar to that of the aurora borealis in the arctic sky, giving a mesmeric warmth that has nothing to do with temperature to an otherwise icy panorama. The overall effect is pristine and seamless, and the work of a supremely talented composer and producer.

Rating: 83%



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