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kate-tempestKate Tempest’s follow up to 2014’s stunning Everybody Down is another concept album that dazzles in its fiercely compassionate logorrhea. Let Them Eat Chaos focuses on seven neighbours of the same London street, all of whom are unable to sleep in the small hours. They use the time to ponder their situations. Gentrification is forcing Zoe from her neighbourhood in Perfect Coffee. Gemma’s future is being held back by her past in Ketamine For Breakfast. Kate Tempest’s foundations are her origins as a performance poet, and the record continues her evolution into a many-headed, dub-clashing rapper. Her passages are compelling in their loquaciousness, and the gloomy, haunting beats are the perfect cross-stitch for her intimidating, harsh grooves. This backdrop is markedly deeper, with a more pronounced lean to house propensities than that found on Everybody Down, and is further confirmation of Tempest’s ever-expanding performing palate. The resonance of Let Them Eat Chaos is mammoth, and Tempest’s lexical flair is the difference maker.

Rating: 84%



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