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palaceLondon four-piece Palace’s first full length effort arrives two years after their eye-catching debut EP Lost In the Night, and the striking similarities to the off-kilter, British indie of Foals and The Maccabees that were made then are still every bit as strong now. Leo Wyndham’s drooling tones are warm and smooth amongst the intricate, bright guitar licks and handsome arpeggios, and song structures are consistently exquisite in their elegance. So Long Forever has a knack of sounding nothing like your prototypical debut album, with no sign of any unsanded edges or rawness. Instead, the album’s sound is that of a band that have honed their sound over a number of exponentially strong releases – very much like The Maccabees themselves. With those boys no longer an active band, the arrival of So Long Forever – and of Palace themselves – is the perfect replacement for that particular void.

Rating: 80%



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