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honeybloodGlaswegian duo Honeyblood’s second LP arrives with the work of half of its original lineup, with drummer Shona McVicar upping and leaving the band shortly after their self-titled debut was dropped in 2014. Cat Myers replaced McVicar not long afterwards, and her presence in the band has gone an awful long way to sharpening up the fuzzed-out, grunge-tinged indie pop. Honeyblood’s songwriting relies heavily on breezy hooks, and Myers’ taut stickwork adds a markedly more assured stride to her new band’s blustering sound. The immediacy of one particular track – Waiting For The Magic – has been used as an ad-break anthem for Sky Sports, thrusting the track’s most grappling moment into ears much further afield than Honeyblood’s usual catchment area. It’s easy to make comparisons with contemporaries – namely the likes of Best Coast – but Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers transfer so much personality to their tracks that a deeper, more lasting impression is given.

Rating: 71%



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