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Justice.jpgGaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay are back after five years away with Justice’s 3rd LP, continuing with a fundamentally organic approach to their Technicolored disco sound. Woman is an album full of tracks drenched in psychedelic swirls and pounding, abrasive electro, but the amount of light illuminating the pelvis-thrusting soundscapes turns the record into a weightless affair. The exhilarating slap-bass of opening track Safe and Sound governs the sparkling synths and buoyant strings loosely enough to keep the sound carefree and composed, whilst the falsetto vocal adds further to the effect, making for an immediately gratifying soundscape. Generally speaking, the beats remain hard enough, and the riffs have a sharp enough edge to maintain Woman’s effect throughout, and the elastic textures created by Augé and de Rosnay display a real lushness, warm and cold in equal measures. For the most part, Woman shows that Justice have as much confidence, assurance and just as big a penchant for a banger as ever.

Rating: 73%



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