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sad13Anyone who read my review of Speedy Ortiz’s second LP last year knows how highly I rate Sadie Dupuis. Her ensnaring, spiky riffs and razor-sharp wordplay have turned her band into a real rock gem, but with her debut solo record, she has substituted the cutting, interlacing guitars for sparkling, synth-laden pop. The sugar-sweet melodies provide a different breed of canvas for Dupuis’s lexical prowess to work with, and if anything, it softens the impact of the delivery of such genuine, relevant lyrical content. The album’s prevailing manifesto is relationship equity, and in Sadie’s own words, putting “affirmative consent at the heart of the matter and deescalating the toxic jealously and ownership that are often centred in romantic pop songs,” and she does that in typically eloquent fashion. Dupuis has engineered a candied vehicle to convey a highly relevant paradigm, and although its lo-fi sound means that the messages aren’t as bullish as they could be, it is sonically deft, and an excellent record.

Rating: 80%



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