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migrationSimon Green’s experiential body of work as Bonobo is one of the more accomplished electronic collections around. Upon each release, an informed shift of focus and measure has always seemed organic, and Migration continues this trend, with its nascence motif appearing as the natural progression from the dancefloor sensibility of The North Borders. Green’s ability to create lapsing soundscapes of immense richness is displayed as proficiently as we’ve come to expect, with the self-titled opening track evolving into the musical epitome of a spring bloom, anchored by a blossoming piano snip that invites an array of samples and other moving parts to flourish from it. Outlier is peak Bonobo, shrouding the listener in a vivid soundscape that grows to a colossus. Kerala evokes an immediate likeness to Ketto – a standout from 2006’s Days To Come – and is a stunning display of digital manipulation and mixing. Migration is a sparkling, crisp display of Green’s ability to completely immerse a listener, and it’s strong as it’s ever been.

Rating: 73%




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