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menace-beachMenace Beach’s second LP sees them expand their horizons from the heady, fuzzed-out college grunge of 2015 debut RatworldLemon Memory (which incidentally gets its name from the idea of a ‘lemon curse’ – a curse designed to bring destruction to someone that has done you wrong, and something that Liza Violet and Ryan Needham believe was placed on their house) mirrors its title in the shape of a woozy psyche that entrenches itself in the album’s sound throughout. Opening track Give Blood stop-starts before Needham repeats the lyric “Why do you always sing about death?” over a gritty, inebriating riff. The excellent Suck It Out is powered by a motorik generator-like bassline, whilst Can’t Get a Haircut injects a shot of blues-stomp into a psychedelic warp panel. It’s undoubtedly a leap forward from the invigorating Ratworld, but while the range of tangents explored makes it a more interesting album, its lack of incisiveness prevents Lemon Memory from being called a better record.

Rating: 62%



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