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ty-segallIf you’re not overtly familiar with Ty Segall’s presumably sleepless existence over the past decade, the second self-titled LP of his prolific solo career (Ty Segall mk. II is the Californian garage-rock auteur’s ninth record in as many years) is the perfect entry point into his work. Opener Break a Guitar leaves a sludgy trail from the blocks, with Segall’s amp doing its best impression of a Fu Manchu fat stack. Even the acoustic, master-exploding riff of Freedom maintains the desert-dried dust cloud that he is so adept at procuring, almost as if he’s built his garage in the heart of the Sierra Nevada in order to refine the best blend of stoner and garage rock in the most efficient way possible. Segall’s label Drag City described Orange Color Queen – an ode to his girlfriend – as a “supreme moment of tenderness”, and Take Care (To Comb Your Hair) further showcases his penchant for dressing up the gritty sludge with charming, delicate hooks and melodies when it feels prudent to do so. He’s is nothing short of a chameleon when it comes to garage rock, and this is one of his most impressive outputs yet.

Rating: 80%



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