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All Them witchesThe fourth studio LP from All Them Witches is another instinctive splurge of the band’s dearth of blues, psychedelic and desert resources, but Sleeping Through The War is perhaps their sharpest release yet. As we’ve come to expect, the tracks lunge prog-like from one paradigm to another, maintaining nothing other than the desert-dry fuzz that suspends itself throughout the record. The pace changes, with songs impulsively going off on tangents, but there is never any hint of Charles Michael Parks Jr. losing his imperious control. Compared with their previous outputs, Sleeping Through The War sounds generally tighter in all departments, but it’s the readiness at which Parks Jr. releases jewel-like hooks that sets this album apart. Opening track Bulls starts with a lethargic, complacent but glittering first 90 seconds, before a huge, fat-stacked riff is unearthed. Elsewhere, the Kyuss-evoking chug of 3-5-7 and the stoned, mathy Alabaster keep you on your toes. Sleeping Through The War is the embodiment of a gentle giant: huge in presence but unwaveringly accessible.

Rating: 78%



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