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Molly BurchThere is something soothingly alluring about the reverb-drenched, alt-country sound found in Molly Burch’s debut LP. Please Be Mine is a collection of love songs delivered from various facets of Burch’s quivering vocal tones, with her superb voice a match made in heaven for her retro-backwood sound. The arrangements of the songs tend to remain simplistic, allowing the showcase to be fully on the voice and the romantically warm guitars. It’s easy to draw comparisons to the likes of Angel Olsen, and as far as the quality of Burch’s vocals go, she’s right up there with her. Olsen does however transmit a striking intensity that is lacking in Burch’s delivery, and that fact alone is a limitation of the overall finished product. Please Be Mine is a charming record that remains engaging and consistently pleasant, but you have to feel that there’s another gear in Molly Burch’s engine-room that could get the most out of her prodigious talent.

Rating: 63%



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