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SamphaSampha Sisay is a rare musician. The chances are high that you’ve heard areas of his portfolio without even realising it, with Drake, Kanye and the Knowles sisters just some of the global megastars that have enlisted his writing, production and vocal prowess in recent times. With his debut LP Process, Sisay has finally given an insight to the man behind the anonymity, and it’s a stunning insight at that. Process is ultimately an album that is harrowingly personal. Sisay douses it with regret, proverbially beating himself up at regular intervals, with the loss of his mother to cancer at the forefront of the record. His voice is an art form in itself, breathy and warm and aching with impartial soul. The track’s arrangements are stunning, from the sparse opener Plastic 100°C to the propulsive beat of Blood On Me, while the devastatingly beautiful, reflective piano ballad of (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano would stop the coldest of hearts. Sampha has stepped out of the shadows, and on the evidence of Process, it will be very difficult for him to return to them again.

Rating: 84%




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