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Tim DarcyThe album art for Tim Darcy’s first solo LP depicts him sitting cross-legged on a wooden chair with nothing but a haphazard vase of flowers for company. It’s an immediate indication that Saturday Night is going to be a reflection of Darcy’s own ideal Saturday night: introspected and fundamental but with a raw flamboyance and serrated edges. As the frontman of Montreal post-punk band Ought, Darcy has built a reputation for being one of the sharpest wordsmiths around, using his band’s frenetic, squelchy guitars as a cornerstone to weave his wit around. Saturday Night is less obtrusive than an Ought record, and is a collection of songs more suited to the reclusive aspect of Darcy’s make-up rather than a handful unsuitable for development with the band. There are plenty of fidgety moments – opening track Tall Glass of Water acting as an instant example – that let you know the music’s from the same ballpark, but a different game is being played there. Saturday Night is a record that is almost misanthropic in its progression, and an intriguing insight into Tim Darcy the artist.

Rating: 65%



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