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Jay soMMelina Duterte’s debut LP as Jay Som is an intimate collection of songs that more than vindicate the Bay Area buzz kick-started by a woozy Bandcamp release over a year ago. Duterte recorded Everybody Works entirely in her bedroom studio, and its snug, unhurried, duvet-wrapped warmth intensifies any previous definitions of the bedroom pop genre. The songs are beautifully and simplistically crafted, ranging from the Police-like funk of One More Time, Please and the gorgeous Mac DeMarco slack of Baybee to the serene indulgence of album closer For Light. With such a huge repertoire crammed into a record not much longer than 30 minutes, it’s all the more impressive that the tracks mesh together so seamlessly, never losing the cosy, affectionate motif that hangs over its entire runtime. In the sumptuous hook of the album’s lead single The Bus Song, Duterte appeals to “take time to figure it out.” She has, and she’s figured out a way to put together a near-perfect bedroom-recorded album.

Rating: 86%



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