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Kelly Lee OwensI know this is only the second entry of mine in this month’s Reviews in a Nutshell, but I feel the need to drop a disclaimer noting that this has been an amazing month for high quality releases – something that will be reflected in my ratings for all of the records I’ve had the pleasure of covering. Like Jay Som’s Everybody Works, Kelly Lee Owens’ self-titled debut LP is up in the higher reaches of the March rankings. The meticulous attention to detail in the construction of this album is stunning at times, and the ability of Owens to mesh mechanical progression with transcendent fragility is artful in its refinement. The growth of the album is hydrological in its movement, squeezing its entire body into precise hooking niches before expanding into estuaries of graceful grooves. Owens consistently and effortlessly locates sweet spots without ever falling into a specific alcove, showing a maturity and understanding of her craft seldom seen on a debut LP. Don’t be surprised to see a clamour of megastars to attempt to recruit her services in the near future.

Rating: 82%



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