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SpoonIn the run-up to the release of Hot Thoughts, I saw a stat that surprised me: Spoon are Metacritic’s most well-reviewed band of the 2000s, pipping Sigur Ros, Super Furry Animals and Sleater-Kinney to the gong. As a gent who isn’t a fanatical follower of the Texas veterans – but aware of their perennial critical acclaim nonetheless – I was instantly taken in by the paranoid, agitated arrangement of the title track of their new release. When I did get ahold of the album proper, I was taken in further by the jerky invention and studio sorcery of the record as a whole. Hot Thoughts the track is the musical equivalent of a lover who has been the victim of an unfaithful partner, accusing and defensive in its setup. ListenI’llwhispertohearit picks up where Hot Thoughts leaves off, becoming more and more suspicious with each groove shift. The whole record is crafted with an air of distrust, but its execution is surgically precise. Spoon’s stream of critical acclaim shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Rating: 82%



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