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Tei ShiValerie Teicher’s debut LP displays an extensive range of styles branching from a nucleus made up of R&B sensibilities. The album’s title is derived from a ‘crawl space’ that Teicher used as a child to confront her fear of the dark, and although there are swathes of introspection that could be associated with such a theme, its songs are generally singular, dreamy slices of artistic R&B that showcase a glacial, piercing voice. Crawl Space boasts some great pop songs. Lead single Keep Running is driven by a clouting bassline that is the foundations for Teicher to deliver an anthemic chorus. Creep incorporates a reggae-infused undercurrent from which digital glitches and vocal aerobics negotiate a sensual trapeze. The jazz-café drums of Baby provide a pressing groove to juxtapose a sun-soaked, psychedelic arrangement. As a product of Argentina, Colombia, Canada and Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Tei Shi has honed a dynamic spectrum of poppy R&B full of dexterity and revelations, and produced a solid debut LP in the process.

Rating: 73%



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