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TemplesThe second full-length effort from Kettering quartet Temples is another solid effort, but as with 2014 debut Sun Structures, Volcano lacks the spark that should be propelling the band into precocious territory. It’s impossible not to compare them to Tame Impala, with rippling base soundscapes, white-funk grooves and a feather-light male falsetto. However, there’s a sprig of Britishness that makes Temples a related species as opposed to an imitator. It’s hard to put your finger on it, at least until the chiming synths in the album’s opening track remind you of an ice cream van meandering into a northern council estate. Roman God-like Man is an even more obvious nod to the Union Jack, tipping its trilby to The Kinks and later The Jam’s David Watts. Volcano is strong without ever soaring into brilliance, and has been assuredly dressed and produced in a home studio. Temples aren’t shy in applying a hazy, glitzy gloss to a lot of their work, but the strength of an ungarnished tune – Oh! The Saviour – shows that their rare disrobed moments can be stronger than their decorated ones.

Rating: 72%



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