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IncubusAround the turn of the century, Incubus were one of the bands who really nailed mainstream alternative rock. Make Yourself and Morning View are two pretty brilliant records, while the turntable scratches and nu-metal funk of S.C.I.E.N.C.E. still sound great today. The Californians are onto their imaginatively titled 8th LP now, and in a word, it’s dreadful. In fact, it’s as dreadful as its song titles, and that is saying something. In all fairness, Brandon Boyd and Co. sound like they’re having fun on the record, and they’ve earned the right to do that. As an Incubus fan, though, it’s really hard to enjoy the 2017 version of the band. The songs are supremely safe, built around Boyd’s distinctive, spirited vocals and Mike Einziger’s crunchy, hooking riffs. There’s barely any turntable work, just vanilla rock that once you’ve heard once you’ve heard it a million times. With the exception of the die-hards, I imagine the fan base that the band built with their early work has finally lost interest with this effort. Incubus have un-made themselves.

Rating: 27%



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