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Pinky PinkyAs a LA-based friend pointed out to me earlier this week when discussing my excitement at this band, I seem to have a bit of a penchant for the breezy buzz of the LA music scene. Pinky Pinky’s debut EP is the latest in a long line of exciting acts to drop off the conveyor belt, and it’s one of the releases I’ve enjoyed the most over the past month. The trio of teenagers have refined an unflappable take on a garage rock genre that, asides the efforts of the irrepressible Ty Segall, isn’t exactly in its pomp right now. Lead single and opening track Ram Jam is insatiably catchy, meshing a drifting groove with a poised vocal and a razor-sharp guitar tone in a winning effort. Hot Under the Habit bleeds a staunch coolness, with Anastasia Sanchez’s vocals tearing around another consummately cultivated arrangement. The EP oozes authenticity, and when considered that Sanchez is the veteran of the band at 19 (Isabelle Fields and Eva Chambers are just 17), Pinky Pinky are a hot prospect.

Rating: 80%



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