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SplashhFour years have elapsed since Splashh’s infectious debut LP Comfort, but the opening few tracks of their sophomore record would slot straight into its predecessor’s track list without seeming out of place. In the time between the two releases, the Anglo-Australian five-piece threatened to deviate dramatically from the sun-soaked fuzz in favour of more experimental, synth-based electronica. For whatever reason the album – provisionally titled Honey + Salt – was aborted last year, and instead the band have dropped an album that is almost guilty of plagiarising the one before it. Honey + Salt is not entirely forgotten, with Honey + Salt the track – along with Look Down To Turn Away – acting as the glitchy, oddly sensual keystone of a record that is otherwise formulaic at best. The songs are consistently decent, even if they don’t have the edge and the energy of their Comfort sisters, but the vast majority are ultimately forgettable.

Rating: 51%



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