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ATDIin•ter a•li•a follows on from Relationship of Command a full 17 years after its frenzied post-hardcore acrobatics announced themselves, but you could be forgiven for thinking that time had stood still throughout that period in an At the Drive-In practice room. When listening to this record for the first time, it reminded me of Death From Above 1979’s 2014 return after a comparatively nominal nine year hiatus, where a niche limb of a frantic body of rock music kept all of its original meat, bar a couple of unavoidable shroudings of modern-day studio glitz. In•ter a•li•a is almost an exhibition of ATDI striving to keep the same approach that made the El Paso band so invigorating at the turn of the millennium. It’s not a bad thing at all – in•ter a•li•a is a blistering return for the band; a record of thrilling paranoia, agitated by brutal, scissoring guitar riffs and slashing vocals. On a side note, too, I mentioned in last month’s feature just how horrible the track names were on the new Incubus record. The track names on here are phenomenal.

Rating: 67%



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