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FazerdazeFor the past few years, New Zealand has proven itself to be a goldmine of guitar-pop music. Fazerdaze – the recording moniker of 24 year-old Auckland-based Amelia Murray – is the latest to emerge. Murray’s debut LP, Morningside, is a candid, confessional foray into her mental intimacies, and the fuzzy, ocean-sprayed guitars are the perfect backdrop for her streams of consciousness to unfurl. There is, however, a cleaner edge to this version of bedroom rock, but its Neapolitan mixing results in a less organic sound than you feel could have been achieved with a little less of a sharper edge. The drums and electronics in opening track Last To Sleep detract from the vital components of the song – Murray’s guitar and voice. On the other hand, Misread nails it, Kim Deal-esque in its slackness. Murray’s intimate space is a sun-drenched conservatory, and her willingness to let people into it will make this a reasonably essential summer record.

Rating: 61%



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