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HoopsIndiana four-piece Hoops have followed up last year’s excellent self-titled EP with a very solid debut LP. Where Hoops the EP provided an almost glacial haze that blurred over translucent, melodic guitars that were from the upper reaches of the jangle paradigm, Routines has without doubt turned up the temperature. It’s a summer record if ever there was one – with even the opening track being named Sun’s Out. It’s a great introduction to the record, where a punchy snare, an uncomplicated bassline and a heat-warped guitar lick combine so easily that it takes a few of Drew Auschermann’s lyrics to be delivered before you even realize they’re there. The blueish hues that accompanied Hoops the EP have given way for the red-orange pastels of summer evenings, reflecting the respective album artworks, which actually makes me wonder if Hoops themselves associated such hues with each record. Ultimately, Routines is a superb collection of effortless songs, and like their closest contemporaries Real Estate earlier in 2017, Hoops have delivered a leading example of guitar pop.

Rating: 72%



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