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LOOMLOOM have been garnering attention on the live circuit for the best part of five years now. Tarik Badwan – brother of Horrors frontman Faris – has built a reputation for being an angry, sinister animal on stage, but despite the piss-soaked grunge of his band’s debut album, he fails to transfer such malevolence to the record. Opening track Lice is the equivalent of a 2017 re-master of a track from Bleach, but lacks the organic, untapped uneasiness that would allow it to hit the target. Bleed On Me is a track first heard in 2012 and is one of the stronger moments of the album, extravagantly flourishing as opposed to tipping its hat to Bleach once again, but this time conveying a freshness that lionises the band’s sound rather than leaving all authenticity at the door. Nailbender is the album’s key track, leading with a furious metal riff and a maniacal drawl from Badwan. There are some good moments on this record, but there are too many junctures where the sound is auxillary in lieu of the organic angst that gives LOOM its best bits.

Rating: 52%



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