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PumarosaPumarosa’s spectacularly dexterous, stunningly captivating debut LP is without doubt one of the best records that has dropped this year, let alone this month. The Witch is a many-headed, endless tsunami of creativity that bewitches and beguiles. It is inexorably magnetic, pulling everything in its atmosphere under its spell, with Isabel Munez-Newsome’s enrapturing vocals the enforcer keeping it there. It’s been a few years since we heard Priestess, but it sounds as stunning as ever as one of the keystones of this remarkable debut album. It shapeshifts from fluid noir-funk to rumbling hedonism, ultimately climaxing with a cacophonous pulse of brass and urgency, demonstrating the most elegant and perfectly executed show of sonic acrobatics. The Witch shapeshifts not only throughout the record itself but from within its songs, constantly keeping you guessing and surprising you with the direction it takes. With this record, there is Britpop, Radiohead, Spiritualized, grunge, trip-hop and more basking under an astral, space-rock umbrella, and Pumarosa have turned it all into a contorting, ornamental obelisk.

Rating: 90%



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