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ALT_J_150x150I’ve listened to this record several times since its release last month, and I’m still undecided as to whether I like it or passionately hate it. Five years ago, Mercury Prize winning debut An Awesome Wave immediately encapsulated with its veiled, fidgety, innuendo ridden troposphere, but on closer inspection, the substance was harder to find beneath the veil. This Is All Yours was nowhere near as immediate and was equal parts intriguing and defective, so I suppose RELAXER must be of the same ilk. Opening track 3WW has the most irritating opening lyric I’ve heard in years, and is decidedly beige to boot. In Cold Bloodfollows and is excellent, with code-like vocals and a brass-funk cascade drenching a menacing chorus. Hit Me Like That Snare is alt-J flexing their nerdiness, and Deadcrush is great. The final three tracks of the record are painfully boring and terminally so. RELAXER is a beast that will be divisive at best, and I’m going to rate it bang in the middle of outstanding and abhorrent in keeping with that thought.

Rating: 50%



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