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ChildhoodBrixton five-piece Childhood have followed up their debut LP – 2014’s Lacuna – with a swirling, kaleidoscopic effort that oozes groove and sweet, syrupy soul. Where Lacuna put a shoegazing spin on Childhood’s sound, Universal High is delectably fluid, ditching the woozy guitar pedals for a pristine funk texture that discharges a piquant dose of marvelous futurism. Recorded in Atlanta, the record anchors itself in retro soul. It’s impossible not to hear flashes of Tame Impala – the modern-day pinnacle of psychedelic pop – and the resourceful deployment of warped synths, sparse arrangements, exquisitely mixed drums and bass deeper than the Marianas Trench is a testament to the quality of Childhood’s output. Lead single Californian Light is one of the tracks of the summer, with Ben Romans-Hopcraft’s tethered falsetto dancing over a deliciously funky groove under a Motown governance. It sounds like a natural progression for the Londoners, and in the process, they have made something that tips its hat to decades-old tendencies whilst sounding more modern than most records to drop in 2017.

Rating: 76%



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