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Mr JukesJack Steadman has already achieved an awful lot in his fledgling career thus far. As the somewhat reluctant, vulnerable frontman of Bombay Bicycle Club, he’s been a key factor in the churning out of four well-accomplished LPs and more than a handful of festival-primed indie belters. With their most recent effort So Long, See You Tomorrow, a Steadman that had more strings to his bow was unveiled, spearheading a superb mesh of modern pop and an almost botanical brand of EDM. His first record as Mr Jukes feels like a glimpse into his own personal record collection, with his fetish for gloopy funk, retro R&B and acid-brass jazz thrown into a turntable-shaped melting pot in varying degrees of concentration, bubbling away under liquefied, soulful umbrella. It’s got a great list of guest vocalists, too, and it feels like each one has been recruited as a result of careful consideration. If there is a criticism, it’s that it’s a disjointed record that sometimes feels like Steadman focuses more on showing off his preferences than his own soul, but it sounds delicious either way.

Rating: 76%



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