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FangclubDublin three-piece Fangclub operate with a pretty simple blueprint, and their debut LP brings a present day sensibility to a sound ripped from the more mainstream branches of nineties grunge. Opening track Bullet Head is a two-minute blast of tried and tested power and pace, overdriving a hooking riff and racing through palm-muted verses, and it gives a taste of the red meat that is served for the most part of the record. Lyrically the songs are basic, but the album’s archetype relies almost entirely on the driving force of the heavy riffs, and as a result the tracks are immediate but lack the staying power of a more original motif. This is a band very much in the same ballpark of Dinosaur Pile-Up, or to a slightly lesser extent Nine Black Alps, where the riffs can get a blood-starved palette watering before reaching capacity pretty quickly. It’s a reasonably solid debut that gets about as much as it can out of a fairly limited concept.

Rating: 56%



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