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GhostpoetTwice Mercury-nominated Obaro Ejimiwe has not yet delivered a record that is orthodox as far as sound and atmosphere are concerned. With Dark Days + Canapes – his fourth LP as Ghostpoet – he has opted for a devastatingly claustrophobic motif that stalks from close-quarter shadows and creates a relentless sense of foreboding. The backdrop is perhaps appropriate for the rueful outlook Ejimiwe has taken towards society, taking aim at the refugee crisis, the prominence of social media and his own personal politics, with his gripes articulated via his weary half sung/half spoke vocal. In fact, he has created such a strong, affecting soundscape that for the most part of the record it is uncomfortable to listen to. Whether that is by design or not, Ejimiwe has administered a macabre marriage of sound and speak that are made for each other.

Rating: 66%



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