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Nadine ShahHoliday Destination was another record to drop in August that, for the most part, is captivatingly bleak in its themes. Nadine Shah focuses her aperture on toxic politicians, the refugee crisis and anti-immigration rhetoric by means of a ruminating brand of post-punk. Lyrically, Shah is on top form. Powerful, succinct statements resonate throughout the record, particularly in the album’s title track, the bloodshot Evil and with the delectably spiky 2016. Her ability to strike with such accuracy with her wordplay is indicative of the unsettling precision of her arrangements, where perfectly timed hairpins and chicanes keep the listener on a lengthy tether. The songs aren’t always immediate but they simmer deliciously, slow cooking into immensely strong arrangements where darting flashes of instruments sharpen the focus. Holiday Destination is Shah’s third LP, and is her most accomplished effort to date – superbly executed with an ability to make an austere backdrop insatiably compelling.

Rating: 82%




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