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Soccer MommyIf you’re a regular reader of Quick Takes, you’ll know I have a serious soft spot for a bedroom pop-rocker – usually with a female vocal – who drops a record where they’ve found that evolutionary medium between the bedroom and the studio. Sophie Allison is at just that stage. Collection is a record of six re-worked Bandcamp songs and two new tunes, and it is an accomplished presentation of her songwriting ability. The upgrade to a full band has given Allison’s tracks a sharper, more incisive vehicle to convey her confidentialities across without losing any of the intimacies of her delicate, anguished and spirited vocal tone. It’s easy to make comparisons to Melina Duterte – aka Jay Som – and although Allison hasn’t quite got as much as Duterte did out of her band to give her songs maximum affecting power, Collection is a strong erm… collection of cosy tracks that maintain the kind of candid inwardness that can sometimes be lost between the bedroom and the studio.

Rating: 72%



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