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rsz_dfaDeath From Above have reverted to their original name (the band dropped the 1979 earlier this year) and continued their resurrection that saw a whole decade elapse between their furiously brilliant debut LP and 2014 follow up The Physical World. That record picked up where its predecessor left off, using volume, speed and efficiency as its three main ingredients, boasting remnants of the huge dance-punk grooves that made them a cult phenomenon upon their arrival. Unfortunately, Outrage! Is Now has very little to write home about. Where The Physical World merely got rid of some of the rougher edges, Outrage! Is Now is unequivocally uninspired, shelving almost all of the rawness that put the Toronto doublet on the map thirteen years ago. It’s lyrically apathetic, and Jesse F. Keeler’s basslines have lost all of their punishing nature. In fact, the only thing I look back on with any fondness from its whole runtime is the riff from Caught Up. And that’s about it.

Rating: 32%



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