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rsz_ibeyi22-year-old French-Cuban twins Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz return with their second LP as Ibeyi, wearing defiance and resilience on the forefront of their sleeves. Their songs don’t fit into a given genre, instead weaving electro-soul, hip-hop and jazz inclinations around beats and rhythms that boast West African Yoruba influences (the word ‘ibeyi’ also translates as ‘twins’ in the Yoruba language). Their willingness to embrace worldly influences – and infuse their own urbanity – into their arrangements is crucial with regards to enabling the spirited reveries to accommodate the twins’ extrasensory wordplay, bringing a stability to the arbitrary grooves. The album’s standout track, Deathless, is a rallying cry, recounting Lisa-Kainde’s wrongful arrest as a 16-year-old and the racial leanings of the incident, channeling the recent indispensable work of the likes of Dev Hynes and Solange Knowles in recognising hate and retaliating with integrity and rectitude.

Rating: 72%



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