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rsz_superfoodBirmingham band Superfood have downsized to a two-piece since the release of 2014’s Britpop-shaded debut Don’t Say That. Couple that with the fact they’ve nabbed themselves a new label and put the fuzzier guitars on the shelf, this is – effectively – a second debut. It’s all for the better, too. Where the fuzzed guitars were three years ago, a pristine, exotically intricate clean-cut sound has replaced them. Opening track Where’s The Bass Amp? immediately announces a new direction with a giddy, playful groove and the sort of samples that Fatboy Slim and Basement Jaxx wouldn’t be aversed to using. Bambino is a record that is kaleidoscopically colourful, staying in charge of a viciously artistic wall chart of sounds and turning it into something impressively cohesive. In the groovefest that is Need a Little Spiderand the deliciously sleek Double Dutch, there are some downright bangers on here for good measure.

Rating: 74%



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