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BullyBully’s debut Feels Like notched itself my own personal gong of the best album of 2015 and has been one of my most played records since its release. It hasn’t lost its appeal, with the voracious honesty and intense poise of I Remember, Six and Picture still hitting every bit as hard as it did two years ago. Losing is another great piece of work, agile in its incessant infection and displaying more confidence and control than its predecessor. Bognanno’s knack for combining a deliciously heady, fuzzed out hook with a spirited – or delicate – vocal delivery is superb. Opening track Feel The Same is the Bully blueprint in a nutshell, settling into an urgent but comfortable groove where Bognanno’s desperate vocals can make themselves at home. Her ability on both sides of the mixing deck is on full display throughout Losing, and her latest work strengthens her case as a supremely talented songwriter and producer.

Rating: 82%



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