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Jessie WareThe third LP from Jessie Ware sees her bring her diva mode to the forefront of her sound, but the lack of the scarcity and minimalism that saw her emerge at the turn of the decade results in the finished product lacking the effectiveness of her earlier work. Opening track Midnight is an R&B powerhouse, emerging as a three-headed hybrid of Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, but there isn’t much here to get excited about in 2017, and this is where the album misses its mark most notably. In recent years there have been countless examples of artists using past blueprints to great effect, making the finished product more than a tribute to the sounds that influenced them so greatly. Unfortunately, Ware fails here, settling into a comfort zone that doesn’t show off her talents to their fullest extent. Her voice is beautiful and as smooth as silk, but Glasshouse isn’t her best work.

Rating: 53%



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