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MelkbellyChicago four-piece Melkbelly’s debut LP is a break-neck exhibition of frenetic noise-rock, fully equipped with evasive melodies and unsettling elasticity. Nothing Valley also happens to be the inaugural release from Sadie Dupuis’s (of Speedy Ortiz fame) record label, and there are many hallmarks of their song structures that would put them in the same ballpark as Dupuis’s band. Where Speedy Ortiz intricately structure songs, however, Melkbelly deconstruct them, appearing more like Speedy Ortiz’s more violent, less academic classmate. That is not intended to invite negative connotations, either: Nothing Valley is organised chaos, with every bewildering direction shift meticulously executed. It races out of the blocks with two tracks weighing in at a little over two minutes, with James Wetzel’s desultory drumming severing any tethers that Miranda Winters unfurls from the front of her band. Nothing Valley is an intense, hugely engaging listen.

Rating: 72%



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